Yacht and boats transportation

久久综合伊人中文字幕|日日久久天天综合网We provide yacht and boats transportation services for vessels of any size and to any location worldwide. Our professionals will inspect your vessel onsite to assure the proper shipping procedures.

K&K Freight will take care of the cargo insurance, inland transportation to port of loading. We will provide all the supporting documents and service for over-load Cargo.

Benefits of K&K Freight services:

  • Secure Boat loading and transportation in standard and open top ocean container.
  • Development of special fare plans due to non-standard dimensions of the vehicle.
  • Handling and fixing boats in an enclosed ocean container or container in an open platform, intended for carriage on container ship or fixing boat on a trailer in accordance with the rules of the marine line for the transport ship Ro-Ro.
  • Preparation of all necessary transport and shipping documents for the shipping and U.S. customs authorities, including the export declaration.
  • Permit U.S. Customs for export boats.
  • Express delivery of All the originals to the cargo owner.
  • Uninterrupted monitoring and assistance.

Purchasing a vessel or yacht in America

Transportation of boats and yachts can be divided into two main categories:
Transportation in ocean containers (if the length of the boat does not exceed 19 feet);
久久综合伊人中文字幕|日日久久天天综合网 Transportation decked by Ro-Ro.

If you bought a boat in these condition, do not worry. We are ready to deliver such boat to the port and transport it further. Of course, much better when the boat is on a trailer (cradle). It is not difficult to transport it to the port and rolling onto the ship.

If you do not have the trailer and you need it - we can help with its purchase. Before you send us a request to transport a boat please check all sizes of boats and trailers, including width, length and height. If you need to remove some parts from the boat before sending - please notify us in advance. We also insure all risk and basic for all the boats upon request.

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